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Global Azure Bootcamp

Global Azure BootcampThe Global Azure Bootcamp is a worldwide annual event in its fourth year. The event is designed to teach essential Windows Azure skills and know-how, but of course networking and discovery are good reasons to...

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Actual affordable care... there's an app for that!

PeekVisionCheck out the PeekVision app! There's a lot of banter about the ACA and whether it truly helps deliver better healthcare or make it more affordable.  While it's a noble goal, many believe that the actual solutions will come from capitalism and risk taking entrepreneurs.  Here's a great example of how that might happen. Imagine bypassing diagnostic bureaucracy, directly connecting clinical professionals with patients and allowing for radically reduced administrative and procedural costs...

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Smart Phone Proliferation

SmartPhoneMarketshareAt this point, who doesn't have a smart phone? Worldwide I'm sure the answer is plenty, but in the developed world the answer is that almost everyone has one. The story here isn't so much about whether it's Apple or Samsung who's selling the most. Who cares? It's that smart, connected technology is in the hands of almost all significant consumers.

Pond5 - The Marketplace for Creativity

013481274littleblondgirlplayingelec Looking for photos or images to spruce up your sites and applications? Check out Pond5. They are putting 80,000 photos, videos and sound clips into the public domain!  It's an amazing place to find affordable or royalty-free images to enhance almost any content you may be working on. Check it out. There's something there to rock your UX and make you smile, too.

IBM's Global Cloud Computing

cloud-computing400In 2013, cloud computing really took off and this year IBM plans to invest $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud infrastructure. The company will add 15 data centers worldwide, giving IBM a total of 40 around the globe data centers dedicated to cloud services. IBM SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby says that they “want the world to understand that cloud is transformational for IBM”.Last August, IBM purchased cloud computing infrastructure provider, SoftLayer. IBM now plans to combine the existing...

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Google Offering More Mobile App Back End Development

endpointsEarlier this month, Google announced the offering of two updated frameworks to run necessary back-end infrastructure of mobile applications. What does this mean exactly? It means more freedom for developers to concentrate on the more innovative parts of their work. Google released the collection of tools, libraries, and capabilities for running the infrastructure for both Android and iOS mobile applications, calling it Google Cloud Endpoints. Endpoints is said to provide a simple way...

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