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Energy Case Study

Our client is a leading producer of electricity in the United States, primarily serving the Southeast.


The existing Load Forecast system was based on technologies that had become, or were becoming, obsolete. As a consequence, maintenance was difficult and even risky. The technologies in use had no clear evolutionary path. Additionally, any individuals who worked on the solution needed to have a very deep understanding of the problem solved by the software.

The Load Forecast system is core to ensuring operational integrity and minimizing production costs.


To achieve their goals, they turned to Doozer Software since Doozer has over 100 years of collective experience in this field.

The reimplementation was performed in current technologies, easing maintenance issues since it eliminated the need for expertise in older technologies. An additional benefit was a better abstraction of information that enabled the data to be utilized throughout the business, making data easier to obtain, while providing security and insulation that allowed for a loosely coupled design.


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