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Healthcare Technology Case Study

Our client is a leading healthcare provider with facilities across the United States that specializes in rehabilitation and serves patients through its network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation satellite clinics, and home health agencies.


The client needed a custom mobile application to allow their employees to precisely and efficiently collect and enter patient data. Their existing manual process limited the amount of data that could be collected and stored. Complicating matters, there wasn’t a central repository where all the data was stored. While they wanted a mobile app solution, they knew they would need a solution that could contend with limited internet connections at certain facilities and address security concerns.

They desired a software partner who would work on site with their existing IT team to help develop the app and provide training and knowledge transfer so the client could support the new application after the development was completed.


Our client selected Doozer Software to conduct a requirements gathering phase and business analysis in order to understand the full implications of the project. Doozer recommended moving forward with the development of an iPad application and a centralized global repository for all patient data. The iPad app would allow staff to store collected data securely on the iPad and synchronize with the repository on demand. Security was paramount, as the data is sensitive and the processes needed to comply with HIPAA regulations. This required local data encryption, coupled with secured iPads monitored with Airwatch MDM Server. Data can be totally wiped from the device remotely in case of theft or release of an employee. Additional security layers were placed within the application to prevent unauthorized access, allow the administrator to "lockout" users, mark a device to be wiped and lock users down to particular devices.

The backend application integrates with CRM, patient billing, data warehouse, a clinical system, intranet, and Sharepoint.

The project produced an enterprise-class mobile application and data exchange that provides unlimited scalability with other systems. Speed of data entry and volume has increased as well giving the customer a proven Return on Investment.


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