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Manufacturing Technology Case Study

Our client is a leading manufacturer that operates seven days a week with multiple shifts working on a large number of assembly lines.  The customer’s products are shipped both in the U.S. and internationally.


Our client has an assembly line control system that monitors and controls the production of their vehicles. Each system produces messages throughout the day detailing events occurring at various points along the line. When a critical error occurred, a message was sent to the log server, making operators aware of issues needing corrective action. However, due to the large volume of messages, it was difficult for support personnel to quickly filter them for the more critical items that needed immediate attention.

The client desired a dashboard that would display the messages in a filtered way, allowing for immediate corrective actions to be taken.


Doozer Software developed a critical alert messaging dashboard that provided both message scanning and web presentation in one multi-threaded application process. The graphical user interface included tools for configuring critical alerts, enabling support personnel to modify alert rules.

The system reads each log message, compares it to the rules, captures the important log messages and displays them to operations personnel. Our customer is now able to receive the critical error messages minutes faster, allowing them to avoid expensive downtimes.


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