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Configuring and managing large amounts of data can be challenging. This Windows Winforms application provides visualization and manipulation of complex data. Custom graphical controls allow direct manipulation and "shaping" of the data.

This type of solution can make a huge difference when requirements necessitate quick manipulation or interpretation of complex data and relationships.


Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides the user interface underpinnings of this analysis tool that provides numerous charts, graphs, filtering, grids and custom controls that foster understanding and manipulation of customer data.

This particular application combines the use of Microsoft's Compact Database, allowing fast, arbitrary dataset comparison and archiving.


Custom controls for spot-on data manipulation are also possible with WPF. In this case, direct manipulation allows users to mark up their data in ways that standard GUI controls simply can't.

Rich Desktop applications can provide user interaction efficiencies that cannot be attained with web based solutions, particularly in circumstances involving the manipulation of large amounts of data.


When interactive charting is required, a Desktop application can be particularly useful. This application dynamically configures charts on the fly as users select the data series of interest. It auto scales and includes multiple axes to aid in correlations of different metrics.

Drag and drop, sliders with live visual response and numerous shortcuts allow users to fly through tasks much faster than would otherwise be possible.