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This Internet facing, mainframe integrated, Java based solution provides online benefit administration for large companies.

This application integrates seamlessly with the customer's web portal authentication and middleware. Additionally, a complex backend synchronizes data between the online system and a VSAM backed IBM mainframe based product.

The application is responsive and serves 1000s of online users. Its design has allowed it to have multiple faces (look and feel changes) over its lifetime as the client has gone through various web portal redesign projects.


A robust application design allows this Java based solutions to incorporate and administer numerous business contracts with extremely complex data processing business rules.

This business to business contract scheduling solution ensures that operating agreements are honored.  Java based web services allow customer systems integration seamlessly with the rich experience user interface. Innovative displays and user controls make it easy for users to learn.


ASP.NET applications provide yet another option for web based applications. This can be helpful when integrating with a Windows based infrastructure.

This particular ASP.Net solution provides data visualization and mapping for an intranet users. One of the benefits of ASP.Net is the simplicity of integration with other Microsoft .Net technologies.


The Coding Center is an Internet based medical coding service. It integrates with healthcare systems and includes distributed medical document imaging technologies.

A Java based Internet server is the core of this system that provides for a distributed workforce, serving a variety hospitals and medical coders.

Document imaging, image archival to DVD, seamless web service based integration of rich experience Windows application components are all found in this large-scale solution. A powerful set of Linux based open source infrastructure powers the heart of this secure system.