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Mobile Applications


When a national healthcare organization needed a large, enterprise class solution that would enable their field employees, dispersed nationwide, to collect data on a touch-screen, mobile device while disconnected from enterprise servers and later sync that data back to the enterprise for integration with large, corporate systems, they chose us over other so-called "mobile" app companies.

A common misconception is that mobile apps are easy. Sure, they can be easy to use. But, with a large corporate app, the mobile part is often like the tip of an iceberg. Without the experience to architect the security, user experience, integration and server side implementations that are required by corporate IT environments with strong governance and controls, your project can easily be in jeopardy.

This application, particularly, represented a major initiative for this multi-billion dollar company. The iPad solution met all the goals of the Stakeholders by providing all-day battery life, offline productivity and easy synchronization with backend systems whenever connectivity becomes available.

There are numerous opportunities for mobile solutions to differentiate your business, reduce costs and save time. Don't be the last to explore how your company can win against its competitors by innovating business processes and moving computing into the hands of field representatives.

And don't be afraid. Encryption, security and mobile device management can keep your data safe and secure.


There are lots of really smart people out there with ideas for innovative mobile apps. We're often blown away when one walks in our door with a cool, innovative product idea they want to produce and take to market.

With the right plan and reasonable scope management, mobile applications can deliver real results on a relatively small budget.

Kiosk type applications are emerging for all sorts of situations where registration or financial transactions need to be captured at temporary locations. Trade shows, conferences, and other gatherings offer a great opportunity to engage with people in ways not formerly possible.

The time for superficial mobile apps has come and gone. The next wave of mobile apps will be serious, allowing people to complete complex tasks securely. They will allow for offline operation, where wireless communications of any type are unavailable. They are providing companies unprecedented efficiencies by allowing for seamless capture and storage of pictures, video and audio.

From asset management to inventory, mobile apps will eventually infiltrate non-desk workers on the job everywhere.

In any situation where your conditions always involve connectivity and no need for offline functionality, there's a good chance a mobile web application may offer the best value. With these apps, you get a very similar look and feel, except it's delivered as a mobile application. In addition to being able to avoid some decisions about the mobile platforms you want to support, you get to sidestep the complexities, agreements and binding terms that can come with app stores. If all you need is a great user experience for users with consistent wireless connectivity, a mobile web app may be just the thing.