Services designed to fit your needs, mitigate your risk and deliver results.

A Principled Approach

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Doozer Software has a long term vision, a mission to guide us toward our vision, and values to lead us along the way. It’s a principled approach to what we do and how we move forward.

Our Vision

Doozer Software is a trusted software development partner that delivers success for our customers through a proven blend of talent and experience.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Helping our customers achieve success by understanding their business and their needs, and collaborating
  • Using the right tools to efficiently provide quality products and services
  • Defining and evolving formal processes that help customers achieve success
  • Developing our company brand and improving all forms of communication to raise market awareness
  • Developing and maintaining a broad pool of skilled talent
  • Developing our employer branding to ensure that all employer interactions yield a positive experience
  • Staying abreast of current trends and technologies in the market place
  • Seeking cost saving opportunities or ways to be more efficient
  • Having fun in the process

Our Values

The following Doozer values are important principles that guide our decision making, especially in times when there are no clear signposts to lead the way. We hold to these values, win or lose.

These are our values and what they mean to us:

  • Be honest and forthright about your intent
  • Behave ethically
  • Do what’s right

  • Respect each other and our customers

  • Learn, grow, and innovate
  • Embrace change and new best practices when identified
  • Develop competencies in all areas necessary to achieve our goals

Financial Responsibility
  • Deliver a timely solution in an equitable manner
  • Manage company and customer time and expenses as if they were our own

Customer Focus
  • Listen to our customers, understand them, and deliver results they need and want

  • Strive to achieve a balance among all of our company values
  • Do your best to achieve balance in your personal and professional life
  • Have fun