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Company Culture


So, what are we all about?

Doozer Software is about client focus, positive attitude, technical competence, hard work, attention to detail (without losing sight of the big picture) and life enjoyment.

While we have decades of experience, we’re always open to new ideas, and we are ready to embrace new “best practices” when they are identified.

Last but not least, we really believe that software development should be fun! We understand how important project planning and management are to keeping projects on track and enjoyable.

At Doozer Software we know that a large portion of the work we do for customers is simply hard work. We’re committed to continuing to add people to our staff that fit our culture, have a strong work ethic and want to do good work and spread good will.

In its most distilled form, the following sums up the Doozer Spirit.

"We do because we can.
We can because we're blessed.
Since we are blessed to be can-do people,
we will always do the best we can."