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Why Us?

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Our Position.

We are philosophically vendor neutral.

We believe very strongly that the first order of business on any project is to identify and understand the business need. With that understanding, we can architect an effective solution using appropriate technologies that fit the need.

We do not align ourselves with vendors nor do we start with a preconceived solution to any problem.

We are skilled in a wide array of technologies including the very latest in toolkits from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle/Sun and others. It’s easy to work with us in business terms. We don’t believe you need to hear or think about technical terminology unless you happen to have a strong technical team. We can handle the technical aspects on our side.

Our position is founded on our belief that the hot technology of the day is always changing. New tools and techniques emerge for good reasons. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are best for any given situation. Sometimes there’s good value to established tools and techniques. Sometimes there’s a real benefit to using the latest thing. Our goal is to be an objective, unbiased, trustworthy source for you of advice and solutions.

That’s why we maintain our vendor neutral position.