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Doozer in Our Community

Doozer Blood Drive Nov 8, 2013


On November 8th, 2013 from 9am to 3pm, Doozer Software is hosting a Blood Drive. LifeSouth's Bloodmobile will be in the Doozer parking lot at 4 Riverchase Ridge in Hoover.

Each year, nearly 5 million Americans need a blood transfusion. There are no substitutes for blood. Patients who need blood transfusions to survive depend on volunteer donors, who give the gift of life. Please consider participating in this drive. There are criteria for eligibility to donate.

Donating is a simple way to help someone else. It only takes a few minutes of your time. So, why do blood banks struggle with inventory? There are many reasons, but here are few to consider overcoming.

  1. Fear - some people have a fear of needles.
    If you focus on the fact that you're talking about saving a life, you might be able to put your fear of a simple needle in perspective. Distract yourself during the process, if that helps. Bring moral support. Do whatever is necessary.
  2. Skepticism - some have thoughts along the lines of 'but hey, why should a company be able to make money off of my donation.
    Think about the massive commitment it takes to run an enterprise to collect blood. It's a huge endeavor. Sometimes a blood drive, that is planned for months, involves staff, promotion and the provisioning and transport of a huge bloodmobile, not to mention the supplies, recordkeeping, testing and careful handling of the blood from donor to recipient, yields only a few pints of blood.  Think about the fact that those costs have to be recovered and the fact that there's huge risk involved.  If you're thinking of a profit motive, you're missing the point. Even though, conceptually, you should be happy that someone is willing to risk capital to try to make this a workable business, most blood collection entities are non-profits, which is the case for the company running our blood drive.
  3. It's someone else's job - the thought here is that someone else is going to do it; surely, there's plenty of supply.
    The fact is that there are often critical shortages. Consider Alabama, Florida and Georgia, the territory of LifeSouth. Within their footprint, there's a need to collect 266,000 blood donations a year.  That's 728 donors a day, including Saturday and Sunday.  It takes people being willing to take a moment to help. Step into the van and roll up your sleeve. You'll feel good about your decision afterward.
  4. I'm a runner, triathlete, etc.; so I shouldn't give - here the belief is that it takes numerous weeks to recuperate after giving.
    If you have a race within the next week to ten days, you may be right.  However, a University of North Text study, published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, suggests that you'll only be affected for about 7 days. If you are truly an elite athlete, the effects might be noticable longer, but for typical recreational runners, it shouldn't be a significant factor after a week or so.

Some people just can't give, that's for sure.  However, if those of us who can give will give,  we can make a big difference.

- - - - - post event update - - - - -

What a great day for a blood drive. Thanks to all the Doozers and others in our office park for making our blood drive a success! You are all lifesavers... literally.