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E-Commerce Platform

Doozer Software recently engaged in a custom software development project assisting one of our customers in the development of an e-commerce platform.  This e-commerce platform will allow our customer to provide better service and ordering...

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  • Smart Phone Proliferation

    SmartPhoneMarketshareAt this point, who doesn't have a smart phone? Worldwide I'm sure the answer is plenty, but in the developed world the answer is that almost everyone has one.The story here isn't so much about whether it's Apple or Samsung who's selling the...

Developer Exchange

Leap Second Madness
Time. It's one of a very few of our unwavering dimensions of the existential experience. "What time is it?" Such a simple question to ask. Such a simple concept to grasp. It moves in one direction, st...
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Doozer Software participates in 2014 toy drive.

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get_a_jobDoozer recruits top IT consultants and full-time employees.

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