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Actual affordable care... there's an app for that!

PeekVisionCheck out the PeekVision app! There's a lot of banter about the ACA and whether it truly helps deliver better healthcare or make it more affordable.  While it's a noble goal, many believe that the actual solutions will come from capitalism and risk taking entrepreneurs.  Here's a great example of how that might happen. Imagine bypassing diagnostic bureaucracy, directly connecting clinical professionals with patients and allowing for radically reduced administrative and procedural costs...

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Smart Phone Proliferation

SmartPhoneMarketshareAt this point, who doesn't have a smart phone? Worldwide I'm sure the answer is plenty, but in the developed world the answer is that almost everyone has one. The story here isn't so much about whether it's Apple or Samsung who's selling the most. Who cares? It's that smart, connected technology is in the hands of almost all significant consumers.

Pond5 - The Marketplace for Creativity

013481274littleblondgirlplayingelec Looking for photos or images to spruce up your sites and applications? Check out Pond5. They are putting 80,000 photos, videos and sound clips into the public domain!  It's an amazing place to find affordable or royalty-free images to enhance almost any content you may be working on. Check it out. There's something there to rock your UX and make you smile, too.

2014 Circle of Love Toy Drive

2014ToyDriveThe Circle of Love Foundation is a 503(c) non-profit organization that serves area children in need.Among other things, at Christmastime, The Circle of Love leads and organizes a toy drive for hundreds of area children and families that need the help.  They collect, organize and personally deliver the toys to the people in need. The non-profit was founded by Doris Phillips, CEO of RealSource. This year their goal was to collect 1,500 toys to help hundreds of children.The employees of...

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E-Commerce Platform

Doozer Software recently engaged in a custom software development project assisting one of our customers in the development of an e-commerce platform.  This e-commerce platform will allow our customer to provide better service and ordering capabilities to their customers across the world. Doozer Software performed the initial requirements gathering and developed the software development project plan for the engagement.  This project involves a team from Doozer Software developing the...

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