Services designed to fit your needs, mitigate your risk and deliver results.

The Doozer Difference


Focus on Solving Business Problems

We will learn your company's business terms and prefer to first understand the business need and then collaborate on an appropriate solution. We do not align ourselves with specific vendors or technologies. We believe that the characteristics of each business challenge should drive out an appropriate solution as opposed to recommending that you fit your problem to some existing tool or technology or even a preconceived set of rigorous methodology.

When we recommend a solution, you can be assured that we believe it’s the best solution for your needs and not because of a strategic alignment with another vendor. We think of this as providing the common sense element that can sometimes seem lacking in information technology.

We’re here to provide services you need and want. Need experienced business analysts to drive out requirements? No problem. Need someone to architect, design and estimate the development of a new system you're ready to have built? That's us. Build it, too. Perfect. Need someone to design a thorough test plan and perform quality assurance on a new system? Not a problem. Our project services allow you to outsource work that you need someone else to do in the software development lifecycle based on your needs.